Heat Pumps

Having a heat pump in your home or business is a great way to save on energy costs. Heat pumps work by transferring heat, rather than manufacturing it, so they use less energy in the process than traditional models like furnaces or boilers. If your heat pump is malfunctioning, however, you could be missing out on valuable savings. Rather than see your money go to waste, call the professionals at Comfort Specialists, LLC. We are proud to offer comprehensive geothermal and air heat pump repair to the residents of Roxbury Township and the surrounding communities, making sure that you can maintain optimal comfort levels in your home while maximizing savings on your energy costs.

Heat Pump Repair

On the whole, a heat pump system is just as reliable as a traditional furnace or air conditioner, but just like these other units, heat pumps sometimes fall victim to deterioration or damage. Some symptoms of air heat pump issues you may be experiencing include:

  • Insufficient heating or cooling
  • Frequent or continuous blowing
  • Strange noises

These symptoms may indicate a more serious problem, so if you have noticed any of these behaviors, or other changes in the performance of your air conditioner heat pump, it is essential that you seek professional assistance as soon as possible to avoid more extensive issues down the line. If you’ve noticed high energy bills or you suspect that your mini split heat pump isn’t working properly anymore, Comfort Specialists, LLC, can help. Give us a call for complete troubleshooting and fast, reliable repairs. We work on all types of heat pumps from ductless to traditional, air to geothermal, so our team should be able to help no matter what type of heat pump your property has installed.

Heat Pump Installation

From time to time, a heat pump system may break down completely. If repairs aren’t enough to get your model going again, you can count on Comfort Specialists, LLC, for complete air conditioning heat pump installation. With over 10 years in the business, our heat pump specialists are equipped with the knowledge and skills to install all types of heat pumps, and we’re happy to help you find the best heat pump installation products for your particular needs. We will work quickly and efficiently to get your home’s heating and cooling system back on track with a new heat pump install, so call us to maintain a comfortable space while maximizing savings with an efficient heat pump setup.

Goethermal Heat Pump

A geothermal heat pump system can help to greatly reduce the operational costs of your heating and cooling systems. When your geothermal system isn’t working, that means that your system won’t be running efficiently. To make sure that you are making the most of your heating and cooling system, call Comfort Specialists, LLC, for repairs on geothermal heat pumps. We will put our extensive experience to work for you, supplying accurate diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs in order to keep your air conditioner heat pumps in peak working condition.

With qualified repairmen, durable parts, and cost-effective pricing, we bring you both the quality and the service you deserve. In fact, we even offer no-breakdown guarantees on our workmanship! For more information or to set up your heat pump repair appointment, just call or e-mail our team now. We’d love to help.